Carolina Isabel Salazar is a Guatemalan American photographer from Bellflower CA.
Her work is the documentation of the profound connection that she evokes
within each individual. She aim's in empowering all women, documenting BIPOC stories &
celebrating the beauty of our Lgbtq+ communities.

After years of working behind the scenes within the commercial world, Carolina understood the importance
of representation,community and the shift that is needed in order to speak our own narrative.
Making it extremely important for her to continue to produce her personal work for the community,
keeping her sets diverse from all aspects. In hopes to create opportunities, open minds and help contribute
to the inclusive representation that’s needed throughout the photo industry and beyond.


Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month
Curated by Off the Cuff x Shopify
New York / September 23, 2022

Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month :
“Give People Their Flowers”
Curated by Off the Cuff x Shopify
Los Angeles / September 16, 2022

“Artistic Working Class”
Studio 101, Los Angleles / May 28th 2022
Curated by Bryan Escareño

Raising Funds Through Art
Pari Passu Gallery, Brooklyn / April 14th 2022
Curated by Carolina Isabel Salazar + Jae Kim

A Photographic Experience
Que Sera, Long Beach / December 10th 2021
Curated by Carolina Isabel Salazar

“Remember When” A Year In Review
MILK Studios LA / Septemper 24 -25 2021
MILK Studios LA / June 26 2019