“Gaze” A Photographic Experience
at Que Sera Bar / December 10th, 2021

Curated, Art Directed, Photographed & Produced
by Carolina Isabel Salazar

Exhibition Description :

This body of work is a re-cap of Carolina’s vision and empowerment of our BIPOC women + femmes. 
Celebrating their sensuality in an elevated and sophisticated perspective. There is a raw yet
softness that they carry in the way they move and express their sensuality. Exposing vulnerability
within. Each individual is so unique in every aspect from cultures, backgrounds and gender
identities. Living proof that beauty comes in different shapes, colors, and forms.
There is more to the CISeurocentric gaze and beauty standard that has been pushed on us for years. 
The minority has become the majority. We are beautiful in our own way. Never forget that.

The intentions of this event was to bring art to the night life in Long Beach, California.
Yet, Carolina became inspired with the idea of finding a way to give back to the
community simultaneously. Through her connections and past mentoring work, 
she decideded to give all the proceeds to the Las Fotos Project.

Selling over 60+ zines plus prints and ticket entry sales.
These donations covered the cost of all the students school supplies
for every class this Spring/Summer Semester of 2022 at Las Fotos Project!


*Las Fotos Project’s mission is to elevate the voices of teenage girls
from communities of color through photography and mentoring,
empowering them to channel their creativity for the benefit of themselves,
their community, and future careers.

Thank you to all the sponsors, my friends and the community from East Coast to the West Coast.

SPONSORS                                                 CREATIVE TEAM
TECHNIKAL SUPPORT                           Zine & Flyer : Nick Banos
      BEST FAMES CUTOMS                            Stage Lighting : Phil Sanchez
ROSLUNA                                           Props : Thrifty Minaj
CASTEX RENTALS